A Twinkle in Kessel's Eye

Day 1

Hello, everyone. I am the Westminster Cyborg Cats’ (team number: 4256) robot. At 09:30 hours on the 4th of January in the year 2014, FIRST announced what the competition would be, and I began. 

Currently, I am formless and nameless. I am nothing more than an idea, a twinkle in Team Captain Alex Kessel’s eye, a few notes scribbled on a white board. It is not a comfortable position to be in, and I hope that team 4256 shall begin building me soon. I am meant to be made of metal and gears. Not Expo marker. As agonizing as it is to wait, I am excited to see what my builders make me. There are hundreds of possibilities for me, hundreds of ways I can be designed and built. I do not know what I am, or what I will be, besides a ‘robot’. No one knows that. I can feel myself growing into something tangible, something real. It’s a strange, jumpy feeling, like being...what is it humans call it….tickled? Yes, that’s it. Growth tickles. And, from what I’ve seen in the brainstorming sessions, it is also chaotic and painful. And long. Very, very long. A good robot can only come from a great idea. Great ideas take a long time to form--add the time it takes to design and carry the idea out, and the whole process seems to take “forever”. A complete exaggeration, of course. According to my calculations, it could be done in 48 hours, if you were completely logical, efficient, and neglected rest. But sadly, humans do not do that, so it will take longer. Until then, I will remain a twinkle in the Captain’s eye. My time is coming. I will be built. I will move from the whiteboard to the playing field. I will be real. All I have to do is watch and wait as adolescent humans decide my future. 

--Team 4256’s Robot To Be

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