Caroline Agan, Senior

This is my first year on the team, and all I can really say is that I wish I’d joined sooner. It’s no small amount of work, and it’s a big time commitment, but there’s something amazing about a hundred kids operating alongside one another with a single priority (Christ’s glory) and a single product (a robot). I’m excited to create alongside so many other people with so many different talents.

"I'd like to thank pushups for making my arms huge."

Rachel Berry, Sophomore

just started robotics this year, but I love it. It has been great being on the business team and learning skills that will help in the future.

"Robotics is Awesome."


Hannah Brown, Sophomore

I am looking forward to getting to know the people on my team and better understand the all the sciences behind robotics.

"Hi Kaitlyn"

Eyrica Brunk, Sophomore

I may be on the business team, but the Robotics team finds a way to make every moment worth the time. I have really enjoyed the memories I've made and the friendships as well as the experience on the Cyborg Cats.


Jesse Charles, Sophomore

I’ve made new friends, and developed old relationships as well. From managing sponsors, to writing papers and letters, I love every minute I spend with my team.

"I'm not abby."

Maggie Dare, Junior

Through the weeks leading up to the robotics competition, I have learned the value of teamwork. The entire team works hard to meet deadlines and make a well functioning robot.

"Modest is Hottest."

Luke Doiron, Sophomore

This year during robotics I want to continue to help with the business team and also learn how to operate the website. I have also met a lot of new people this year and look forward to getting to know them.

"You can choose a quote for me."

Sydney Driscoll, Sophomore

Robotics this year has been fantastic and I’m really proud to be part of our team.

"Je ne sais pas."


Rachel Farrell, Sophomore


"This is Fun."

JT Fuller, Sophomore

I came to Robotics because of the community. I wasn’t sure if I would be able to fit in well but I was accepted and loved by all. I am very excited to be apart of such an awesome team.

"I'm not a psychopath. I'm high functioning sociopath...with your number."

Paris Hubler, Sophomore

Robotics became a place where I could exercise my strengths to contribute to a larger goal.  Watching the team accomplish this goal continues to be gratifying, even though I myself do very little in the grand scheme of the season.  The most amazing part is everyone’s little contribution work together to become something more.


Daisy Luo, Junior

This amazing robotics team taught me how to work with a team. I want to show the robot in a creative way for the people don’t know our team! I just love robotic!

"THe robot is eating chinese food."


Mary Kate Kopsky, Sophomore


Vikki MacKoul, Sophomore

This is my first year on Robotics and I am on the business team. I get to do a number of different things every week. I am learning all about how businesses manage their finances. I am having so many amazing different experiences on this team, and I am so excited to see where we go this season.

"Watch out for the flying orange!"


Kaitlyn Mehlhouse, Junior

I am looking forward to learning more about engineering, even though I am on the business team. I am also excited to meet some new people from every grade. 

"Oh, Hi Hannah"

Andrew Montgomery, Junior

My time on the robotics team has taught me many valuable lessons needed for a future career in business. Through practice and mistakes, I have learned business mannerisms and improved my communication skills. I have also gotten a look at what business looks like outside of the classroom and put it into action.

Hannah Murray, Senior

I am looking forward to meeting new people, making friends, and incorporating graphic design into robotics.

"Started from the bottom."

Drew Port, Senior 

I look forward to developing my communication and technical skills.

"Go Cyborg Cats!"


Claire Rebbe, Junior

This is my first year in robotics and already I’ve learned so much. Not only have I learned about robotics but about the business world. FRC will definitely help me with real world experiences.

"I'm still thinking."


Jacob Reeve, Sophomore

I am on the business side of the team, and I have already learned business techniques that will stay with me the rest of my life. From doing the team’s finances, to hanging with my new friends, I have really enjoyed my time on robotics.

"Is this where I'm supposed to write my quote?"

Alexis Turner, Freshman


Haley Weinberg, Junior


"When life gives you lemonade make lemons and life will be like whaaaat?"

Megan Wibbenmeyer, Junior

I am really looking forward to the experience and the FUN!

"One of the hardest parts of life is deciding whether to give up or try harder."


Paige Wibbenmeyer, Eighth

But the more I worked and met people I learned that everyone was very friendly. My favorite thing about robotics is how everyone works together and make a real working robot out of nowhere.



John Yin, Junior


"I feel lucky to be on this team."