Patrick Agan, Sophomore - Electrical

Like nothing I have ever experienced before, the Cyborg Cats Robotics Team has increased my knowledge of electronics, mechanics, leadership, friendship, and community. I have been thoroughly inspired by my team members, mentors, and friends to pursue the field of technological engineering, specifically electrical engineering.

"My TaunTaun's name is COrneilious novastar 'Chuck' Juan Juan Thanatos 'Chucky' billy dee williams max the destroyer."

Joey Albertson, Junior

This year has both been fun and challenging. Interactions with other people, communication, and mechanical aspects have all been challenging at times, but we have ultimately found a stellar design and are continuing to get to know our teammates better.

"Sometimes you just gotta kinda eyeball it" -Mr. Degroot

Eli Avery, Sophomore

Overall, Robotics has helped me learn and acquire new skills and experiences, which is a very valuable thing indeed.

"I've come to the realization that life is the only MMO with full pvp."

Amanda Berry, Eighth - Scoring

Robotics has been a great, one-of-a-kind experience. I came in not knowing what pneumatics even were, so I have learned so much. I love Robotics.

"First Robotics has changed my life. I used to be  a stupid kid. now I can use a power saw without cutting someone's hand off."

Drew Bingham, Eighth

This year in robotics I’ve learned so much. I’ve learned how to work better with people, and use power tools more effectively and safer. First has been a great thing, it has taught me so many things. I really hope i can do it next year.

"I don't Know"


Willie Canfield, Junior - Programming

I love Robotics and coming together with others to work together and accomplish something beautiful and amazing.

"All Love."

Andy Chen, Freshman

I met really good friends after I got in this team. Actually, I thought the team must be really strict and a little bit boring before I joined it. But now I feel so lucky because it is so good. Thank the robotic team.

"Our robotics team is the best."


Markus Cicka, Freshman

It has been a great, new experience so far. My programming team has been awesome. I have learned so many new things with them like learning how to make a robot drive forward, to a new ping pong video game. I want to learn more in the years to come on the robotics team

"hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard."

Sam Dare, Freshman

I am really enjoying the robotics team this year because of the people, the work, and the teamwork. The work is a whole new kind of challenge, and it is a ton of fun.

"Scienta cum moribus conjucta."

Ethan Davitt, Sophomore

This is my first year on the team, and I am grateful for the patient and helpful leaders who have taught me how to use different machines and more thoroughly understand the engineering process.

"I like the snacks."

Luke DeGroot, Eighth

This is my second year being in robotics and I’m enjoying it more and more every day I come here. I’ve made a lot of friends already and I hope to make even more.

"Jesus take the wheel."

Andrew Eichenlaub, Senior

The most important thing I have taken away from this experience is how to work with others in a real world scenario.

"When life gives you oranges, well, you still have to find a way to make lemonade."

Christopher Faust, Freshman

I am enjoying working as a team. I am getting to know many new people from Robotics and I am having a fun and exciting experience. Every day I learn more and more about the process and my teammates. I am looking forward to seeing the robot in action.


Sam Heise, Freshman

So far in robotics I have learned a lot more on how the team functions with productivity and how the team works together. I haven't had any problems so far with my team and I've been enjoying it.

"Robots are friends, not food." 

Max Heise, Junior


"On July 14th, 1776, history began. Everything before that was  that was just a mistake."

Matthew Hoekzema, Sophomore

This year so far has been very rewarding in the amount of enthusiasm from rookies and veterans alike.  With a team this large we are extremely blessed to have people who love science and technology come together and work together to design and build a robot.

"I just wanted to eat my banana in peace."

Emily Kessel, Sophomore

This is my first year on Robotics, and I’m loving it! I enjoy seeing my older sibling and others I know well lead the team, and I love learning with my friend outside my comfort zone. One day I hope I am able to be fluent in the Robotic language.

"IT was so funny, I almost smiled."

Hallie Kaiping

The Robotics Team has fundamentally changed and influenced my life in the most positive way possible. I am grateful for all that I have learned and all that I will continue to learn from this team.

"Hey paige!"

Dongbin Lee, Senior

Two years ago, I joined the Cyborg Cats as an aloof dreamer, immersed in the vague adoration for “cool robot stuff.” This year I will leave the team as an aloof physicist. Although very subtle, I must admit, the transformation is all I needed to enter the bigger academia.

"Frogs are meant to fly."


AJ Lloyd, Freshman

I learned a lot from the first couple of weeks. I learned how to solder, connect wires, and fix batteries. I would not have been able to learn those things without my mentors.

"No." -Rosa Parks

Josiah Malinski, Junior

I love what I do here it makes what I spend my time on worth spending on between the friends I have made and the lessons I have learned I am grateful for being here and that’s what I like about robotics.

"You don't know what today, yesterday and the day before held."

Jonathan Marshall, Sophomore

Robotics is awesome! The feel you get when your team actually connects, and clicks together, and stuff actually gets done, is unparalleled.

"Duct Tape is love, Duct tape is life. You would think on a robotics team this big, it would be easy to find some duct tape...but no!"


Alayna Marusiodis, Sophomore

This is my first year in Robotics, and I have had a wonderful time learning about electronics and pneumatics. This has been a fantastic experience for me, and I cannot wait to continue Robotics for the rest of my high school career.

"Everyday holds the possibility of a miracle."

Austin Mathai, Senior

Most people coming into robotics have no idea what they want to do but that’s the magic of it. The team is more than willing to work with you, see what fits best for you. I’ll be honest I have no idea of half the things that goes on, but at the end of the day I learn something new.


David Montgomery, Freshman - Programming

I have benefitted from this team because I have learned how to program using Java which is a skill I could use for the rest of my life. It has been a fun experience that I will cherish for the rest of my life.

"The object of golf is not to win, but to play like a gentleman and win."

Matthew Moore, Freshman

When I first joined robotics, I was skeptical whether it would be a good idea. Now that I am a few weeks in, I am sure it was a great idea. I have already learned how to use four power tools, which is amazing in itself. I have also met a lot of the older kids, and that is great. It feels like a true community, and I am glad I am part of it

"blame it on sam"

Brennan Murphy, Junior

Team 4256 has given me incredible opportunities that usually do not exist for a normal high-schooler. Learning sophisticated software and working next to real engineers is a true gift that makes me feel in debt to FIRST, my mentors, and the group of kids that started the team 4 years ago.

"My quote was removed."


Zach Nall, Sophomore

When I first heard about robotics, I thought it was going to be impossible for me to join because I do not think of myself as being talented in those areas. However, when I joined, I realized I know a whole lot more than I thought I did, and on top of that everyone on the team makes it all the more fun.

"The force is with you."

Ben Nitcher, Sophomore

This year I had the chance to be part the robotics team and I have learned so much about the team  and everyone here is so respectful to me. Everyone on this team is fun to hang a round with. This team is a full of great people.

"why don't you just make up one for me."

Jared Orange, Junior - Programming

Being apart of Team 4256 Cyborg Cats has helped me explore the importance and fun through science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Not only has it enhanced my programming skills, but has also enhanced my skills in leadership, friendship and community.

"Orange you glad my last name isn't banana."


Matt Ottsen, Sophmore

I’ve learned how to work with teammates to express my ideas, draw them, and then create a prototype to display the idea. Being a part of the Robotics Team is helpful to learn about the overall engineering process.

"One Alliance is red, the other is blue. I joined robotics on the team that will destroy you."

Jonny Parker, Sophomore

This 2015 FRC year is going spectacular. I have never done anything as fun as writing this reflection. I have met many new faces, and I can’t wait to get to know each and everyone of them. Building the robot is extremely fun and entertaining.

"Gg skrubs get rekt, ez."

Isaac Pleus, Sophomore

I learned how to have humility and admit when I have done something incorrectly. There are so many different people that have gotten to know me better and I feel a sense of friendship in several of my teammates

*Hand on chin* "Sadly, there is no control+Z in life."

Jack Rahal, Freshman

This is my first year in robotics, and I really love it. They have taken me in under their wing and have become like family.

"What a fine neck beard, Kessel. So suitable for that jawline."

Matthew Rush, Junior

Being a part of this team has given me an opportunity to explore engineering with my own hands outside of school.  While I have learned much about engineering this year, what has impacted me most are the friends I have made on the team.

"You couldn't handle my undivided attention."

Ben Saltmiras, Junior - Programming

I have had lots of fun watching my team grow and learn java programming, as well as being able to grow and expand my own knowledge.

"SALT 🍊🍊🍊 "



Maddie Schuler, Senior

Ben Schuler, Sophomore

I have also managed to gain more knowledge in the area of programming and got to become more acquainted with my mentors for my division. The knowledge I have gained will certainly help me in the future of participating in Robotics, and my mentors have been able to leave a lasting positive impression on me.

"Big things have small beginnings."

Tim Sell, Junior

Since joining Robotics, I have learned many practical skills, such as using certain power tools and materials. Robotics has also allowed me to spend my free time more productively.

"I'll get back to you on that."


Thomas Shultz, Eighth


Tom Southwell, Sophomore

During the course of the year in robotics, I have learned many useful skills. The robotics team requires many different skill sets, so when I am in between jobs, I talk to other team members about their jobs. I consider applying for other positions next year so that I can learn more and better understand the engineering process.

"suffering is magic."

Graham Stanfill, Senior - Fabrication

I love getting to know new people and continue friendships with old ones, but I also realize that it will be a sad last year for me.  FIRST has been such a blessing in the past years that honestly, I will miss this more than any other high school experience.

"what are frogs"

Paige Stanfill, Sophomore

Even though I’ve only been on the team for a few weeks, I have really enjoyed learning new things and still having fun with my friends. I am blessed to have such great team and mentors.

"Hey Hallie!"

Josh Steiner, Sophomore

So far, the team has been a pleasant surprise. A lot of my friends were already on the FRC team so it has been easy to fit in and meet new people. I hope the rest of the season goes just as well!

"Patch is the great One."

Amber Terlouw, Senior

However skills are just a few things I have gained from my robotics experience. Robotics has inspired and changed my life goals drastically. Essentially I owe much of my future to this robotics team.

"Not all who wander are lost."

Sydney Thomas, Junior

I have built relationships that I have come to value very much, acquired knowledge that I would not have otherwise come by, and have had the opportunity to work with a talented and supportive group. Of all the things that I have done in high school, I can easily say that robotics has been the most dear to me and the most important.

Luke Thuro, Sophomore

This year has been very good for me. I was promoted to leadership, which has helped me grow as a human being and as a Christian. I have and am learning to serve my teammates instead of myself.

"Nothing annoys me except having to seek the approval of my inferiors."

Michael Tran, Eighth

This is my first year on the team and I feel very welcomed by the people also seeing many of the people so passionate in their work inspires me to be work as hard as they do. I feel that through this experience that I will be able to clearly see what engineering is like.

"I like chicken nuggets."

Andrew VanHorn, Sophomore - Electrical

Where before I would fit things together that work, I now have the ability to organize multiple different options in order to assess their validity and usefulness for a given task. The robotics community has helped me so much in the past few weeks, and I hope for that to be perpetuated for years to come.

"I'm Thinking...I'm Thinking..."

Clayton Voges, Junior

I have had a great time in FRC making new friends. I have also learned several different things expanding from left handed wrenches to powered adjustable ratchets. I have also learned more about CNC and CAD along with the new layout for electronics.

"If the only thing you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail."

Nathan Walsh, Freshman

My team “pneumatics and fabrication” has taught me the basic tools and pieces used to create a robot. Through this program I have learned how to work with others and how to work under a leader who is helpful and encouraging, and perhaps someday be a leader myself.

Carter Wells, Junior


Preston Willis, Freshman

I work on the programming team. I have learned a lot. Some of the guys are teaching my Java. The mentors are great, giving much needed oversight in our operation.

"Robotics Is awesome!"

Valerie Winkler, Sophomore


"Until You're broken, you don't know what you're made of."


Charlie Wu, Freshman - Drive

WCA FIRST Robotics has been an overwhelmingly positive experience for me. The team was welcome to me and could work with all people. The 3 weeks that I have been on FIRST were a great time and I am looking forward to the rest of the season and seasons to come.

"Teamwork is what makes a team work."