Ultimate Ascent Basics

The 2013 FRC season had over 60,000 from 2,600 individual teams represented, this was huge increase in attendance from previous years. Ultimate Ascent consisted of two challenging feats to accomplish: each robotics team was tasked with launching frisbees into strategically positioned slots in a scoring wall, as well as scaling a pyramid to gain points. The two sets of teams were assigned either a Red or Blue identifier, and were set in the arena to compete against the opposing Alliances. The Alliances are composed of three separate robotics teams. The St. Louis regional, which Westminster's Cyborg Cats participated in, was held on March 14-16 at Chaifetz Arena. Also, for the second year in a row, the World Championship was held on April 24-27 in the Edward Jones Dome- also located in our home town of St. Louis.